As I started writing this post, I got nostalgic over the sunny day that we had when we shot these pictures, but by the time I put my ideas together, the sun was shining bright. That’s the thing about England weather: you never know! I was actually talking with my friends that this is the only place where a conversation about weather is not boring! Because no matter what, you’ll have that conversation, probably every day, with at least one person, and yes, you will feel like an old lady who ran out of subjects, but there’s no need for that, because this subject is long enough to cover a few good lines!

Anyway, I shot these pictures while I was still escaping library in the assignments time, and odd enough, I feel like I have been shooting more when I actually had assignments and stuff to do rather than now, when I am having some kind of a break. It may have become one of my new ways of procrastinating, but come on, who wouldn’t choose this over writing papers and conducting research? As you can see, I am fully-smiling in all of the pictures, so I think you got the answer to this question.

However, I got to this place by mistake, I have crossed it so many times and I never noticed it, but now it was so quiet and the sunlight was shining great on the street and that little corner coffee shop that I had to stop and have my photoshoot right there – in the middle of the street!

As I said, I was still in the library days, so I had barely any make up, but to be honest, I really did not mind, I left the sun cover my face instead of my usual make up routine. You have to let the skin breathe once in a while, right? And to be fair, I really think that my make up routine should match my mood: if I feel like, I will follow all steps and make my face flawless, but if not, I will just go with it. There’s no need to feel pressured to follow the same make up routine if you don’t feel like it. Follow your instinct, it knows better. But then again, that’s just me, feel free to disagree, but I really encourage you to try it once in a while!

With that being said, I’ll leave you with my happy face and this pretty outfit – which by the way, I loved wearing it, that mix of colours looked great! Have a lovely day and I will see you soon!

Be yourself and be proud of it, D.












I was wearing:

Jeans – New Look

Shirt – H&M

Sweater – Vintage

Coat – No particular brand

Bag – H&M

Boots – New Look

Hat – Primark

Bracelet – Avon

Ring – Avon

Pictures by Sara Marsalo.