Darlings, today marks the start of a new adventure! I am going to spend my second semester in Leuven, a Belgian town as part of an exchange programme!  *exciteeeed*

The first step was to leave Worcester…It was hard! Friends, places, sports, I had to say goodbye to them all and make my way out of the town! To be honest, it was not easy at all. I mean, sure, I am beyond excited by all the new friends that I will make, all the places that I will see and all the memories that I will create, but I also had this bitter-sweet feeling of leaving. Mostly because, you know, obstacles always come in your life when you least need them, so I sometimes found myself wondering my decision of leaving. But, not anymore! I am sure it’s a life changing experience and that I will definitely regret if I won’t take this opportunity, so off we go!

Yesterday I barely had any sleep (turns out I underestimated the size of my luggages and therefore, the time that I will spend on them), but I still woke up early to catch one last coffee and shoot some pictures before I leave! It was actually the first try out of my brand new baby, my camera, which I am incredibly happy for, and who just became my travel buddy!

After having one last Worcester walk and coffee, I left to London, spent some really nice time, had an amazing meal and then I was ready to sleep and wake up to begin my new adventure!

Am I scared? Not really. I learnt to not worry for little things, they will settle eventually, so my only worry right now is to find a place to live, but as I will live in the Students’ Hostel all week with people that share the same concern, I am sure I will find something!

I can’t wait to see the city, the people, how University actually is there, if it’s different, if it’s challenging and also, I am looking forward to try new sports, because, from what I found out, they have lots of options, and as I already miss my volleyball games and boxing trainings, I can’t wait to give them a go!

I hope to make new friends, to learn about new cultures, to open my mind to new perspectives, to travel as much as I can and to have fuuuuuuun!! I should have probably started with the fun part, because I am sure it’s going to be the main part!

However, my life changes, and I am sure I will change along with it! And it’s great! I truly believe this is the time when I have to evolve through new experiences and new connections with new people! All new!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I hope to keep you updated and have amazing pictures to share with you! Excitement is really the word of the day for me, so I will see you soon and share some of this enthusiasm with you!

Have fun and make sure you live your youth, D.













I was wearing:

Jeans – New Look

Belt – Primark

Shirt – Vintage

Coat – Primark

Boots – JustFab

Bag – JustFab

Hat – Primark

Necklace – New Look

Watch – Calvin Klein

Gloves – Avon

Photos by Sara Marsalo.