I just spent the weekend travelling, you would have already known, because boredom and loneliness while on bus/car/train makes you constantly post on Social Media (no joke, this is how I know that my friends are travelling) but this was a no-internet journey and the welcome and the place to live kept being the same, but I’ll tell you more about it in the next days. And now that I am in Belgium, Leuven and I still have little to no idea of where things are and where am I supposed to be, and so there is not much that I can share from here yet, I thought I’d share what is completely essential for me while I travel. So, here we go:

1. Music


DEFINITELY – nothing comes before this. When I travel alone I want to enjoy as much music as I can (usually I enjoy less, because the battery dies or some conversation with another travel buddy is overdue), but seriously, this is my main thing to keep me awake, to help me fall asleep, to make me ignore weird people, to make me smile while I am looking over the window. You get it – to everything.

2. Something to read


Now this comes with the mood and with the journey’s length. Sometimes I go for a book, and sometimes a magazine will do. To be honest, this applies more when I fly because I cannot read on the bus/car. So it’s either in the train or plane, either while I am waiting in some lounge or station.

3. Water


Ok, so this is more like a reminder, because this time I travelled without water and it was awful, I feel so dehydrated when that happens, that I’d rather not try it anymore. I haven’t been drinking much water since I came here either and it’s killing me, I definitely have to do something about this!

4. Lip Balm


Usually forthe ¬†same reasons as the water, otherwise my lips will get really dry and I can’t stand that. So a lip balm became a must!

5. Camera


Actually, starting with this journey, my cute new camera has become my travel buddy! And oh, how much we’ll travel together! And since you don’t leave your travel buddy behind, it has become one of my essentials!

So this is my top 5 for travelling essentials, let me know what am I missing and if you have any tips for travelling must-haves, I would really love to know what your top 5 is!

Also, since I now have my camera with me and I plan on travelling quite a lot, I will write posts focused on travel too, starting with this one, hope you’ll like them!

In the meanwhile, I am enjoying my first week here in Belgium, I am delighted with all the amazing people that I met and we are now experiencing a week full of activities! On top of that, the internet is apparently not a must for our accommodation, so I hope I can stick to my posting schedule!

I hope you have a lovely week and I can’t wait to tell you all about this whole new adventure!

Kisses, D.

 Photos from my Instagram profile.