Well, hello there! Lots of firsts have been coming and going here, so let me tell you…

First of all, I am sorry for the lack of outfit posts as for last week, but it was my first week here in Leuven as an Erasmus student and I felt like I had to enjoy it and live the moment. So apart from some Instagraming and Snapchatting I stayed away from posting stuff. But I am back.

My first week just ended and I’m not going to lie, it was really interesting! I met some great people, I had some good laughs, nights out and so on. Then we moved out, I have a new flatmate and great neighbours, it’s really cool that we sticked together, we are having some great times! Oh, and if you think that by finding a place you can finally relax and be sure the moving out process is done, you couldn’t be more wrong than that!

If you were lucky enough to find a place with a mattress (no kidding, it’s rare here, but we found one) then you only have to worry about the duvet, the pillow, the sheets, the kitchen stuff, as cutlery, plates, mugs, bowls, pans, pots then hangers, decorations and I am sure I forgot something, as I did everytime I went shopping.

So yeah, it takes a few days to get settled in, but as long as you go shopping with the right people, everything becomes funnier, the time goes faster and before you know it, it’s already dinner time and you find yourself going out for a meal, because the cutlery didn’t make it on the shopping list. At least not on the first day one.

Another issue that got lots of people suffering was the internet, but now it’s all sorted, hence me posting this! It ain’t easy, we were supposed to use cable internet and so we bought a router, which of course, didn’t work from the first try out, but everything’s fine now and we have a wireless connection!

Now the most important part of the student life: party places! I am seriously thinking of making a special post about this, as there are so many pubs around here, “The Old Market” is really living up to its name and offers a large variety of places and I am looking forward to explore more of them!

But for now I have started classes, had my first day today and it was a long one, and surprise, surprise, so will be the next ones!

But I am optimistic, and I know better days will come! Not brave enough to check my timetable yet though!

Anyhow, with that being said, no pictures for today’s post, it was more like a reflective one, but I will come back with proper ones, I am preparing some great stuff while here,┬ápromise!

Kisses, D.