Happy Sunday, everyone!! I have been fully enjoying my weekend so far, which is why I chose to post today instead of yesterday, mostly because yesterday I slept almost the entire day! Yes, after a week of tiring work, that’s what I call enjoying your weekend! That and a Friday night out which reinforces the need for so much sleep!

However, today I am ready to enjoy this beautiful sun we’ve been having for the last few days, so I am going to spend the day in town with friends: a beautiful weather and a nice company will be the perfect way of spending a great Sunday! Filling me up with much needed energy for the next week!

I just can’t get enough of this sunny weather! I am getting in a spring mood and I really hope there’s no more winter weather for me out there, because I can’t get back to that! If only you’d seen me these days, I just went around smiling all the time with the sun in my face, no matter how tired I was or how much work was waiting for me, I kept smiling.

So all this chilled mood is the reason for my outfit post I am presenting to you today. A laid back look – my full of stars Converse on, a sporty-casual look, bold coloured trousers, my camera with me and there you go, the perfect chilled-mood look. Sometimes a break from fancy-glam and heels is much needed!

I am finally having that walk around the city that I was lunging for in a while today, so I hope I’ll get some nice shots to share with you!

All in all, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, that you’re ready for next week and remember…

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, D.












I was wearing:

Jeans – Vero Moda

Sweater – Vintage

Shirt – New Yorker

Jacket – Vintage

Necklace – No particular brand

Bag – No particular brand

Sneakers – Converse

Photos by Caitriona Williams.