To start off with, I had to put those pretty cakes as a cover photo for this post, as I found them yesterday, and I thought they’re a really cute remaining of how Valentine’s Day looked around Leuven!

So, as I was telling you yesterday, I finally got to have that much expected walk around the city, together with a nice lunch and followed by some cakes. It wasthe perfect Sunday! Exactly what I needed after an exhausting week and before another one would come as strong!

As my friends patiently waited for me, I took some shots to share with you today!

Still, I don’t want to give it all away from the first post, so I am only going to show you bits and pieces from here and there, just so that I have more to tell you as these months go along and I discover the city!

Anyway, the first thing that I remembered when I first came to Leuven was the impressive Town Hall, which is an impressive building that you cannot pass by without seeing it, and along with the Old Market is usually a good meeting point. It has a huge church right opposite from it, and a big square in between them, so I guess they are kind of hard to miss. That, and I’ll probably take more pictures of them, so chances are you’ll see them around.





The Old Market (Oude Markt) is big enough, so it won’t fit into the pictures anyway, but the most important thing to remember about it is that it is the longest bar in the world, with more than 40 bars and pubs one next to eachother. You can’t really get bored over there or God forbid, be thirsty. In other words, it’s the place to be.




So as I gave you the main map points to follow so that you don’t get lost (just so you know, you will anyway, we all did), next thing to know is that here you’ll see bikes…a lot of bikes…no, more than that. There is a bike everywhere. Literally.



I have never seen so many bikes in the same place in my life, and even if I am not brave enough to get my clumsiness all together and start moving around with one of these, sometimes I wish I would already. But anyway, it’s nice to admire them, and appreciate the courage of all the ones around me that get there before me (no matter where the “there” is).

So that was what I had to share with you today, now I’ll get back to work. However, I hope you enjoyed this first, very vague, glimpse at my current city and I promise to unveil more as I find out more.

Have a lovely week, D.