Hi there!

As promised yesterday, today I will tell you more about my days in Paris and how did I get there.

And I’ll start with this: It was a really spontaneous trip.

You know I do believe you keep discovering yourself and the things you want and why. So, I was telling you after my Amsterdam trip that I have realized that I enjoy travelling for many, many reasons (you can catch up here).

However, I used to plan my trips to the last detail possible, ┬ábut it may be because of the age, because of the phase that I am going through and that I keep moving as a nomad from place to place that I just don’t seem to do that anymore.

Amsterdam was unexpected, but still, planned 2 weeks in advance. Well, that was not the case for Paris. At all. I literally booked the tickets 2 days before, so on Monday they were booked, on Tuesday I was packing and on Wednesday I was gone.

I had to try this. And I loved it! Being able to just get away and spend a few days with my bestie was amazing, and the fact that everything took place in Paris was over the top!

Obviously, after a few days in the clouds the landing was not great, I am feeling extremely overwhelmed with the workload and the amount of sleep that I don’t get to catch up on. Hence the late night posting. But I am not complaining, it was totally worth it and I am sure I will get back on track in a few days.

So, while in Paris, Fashion Week took place, which just ended today with the amazing Louis Vuitton collection (still updated, even if I am not there) so we wandered around a few shows, saw some great street style, which I shared with you too yesterday and most of all, we caught up with eachother’s chaotic lifes, while having coffees, croissants or macarons to be our company while we would walk down the beautiful streets of Paris.

Today I am sharing with you the outfit that I wore on my first day in Paris – a total French look, what better place to pull it off? Ever since I bought this hat, I thought of Paris, and voila, I got to wear it in my favourite French place! Oh, and the fact that I could play around the burgundy colour and combine it with some more neutral ones seemed like a winning look for me! And the top, well, you know, had to be worn in Paris!

Let me know what you think about it and share with me some of your favourite places in Paris, or some that you might want to visit and I’ll give you my thoughts on them in the next posts – I still have loads to say about Paris!

Hugs and Kisses, D.




















I was wearing:

Coat – Primark

Skirt – H&M

Top – New Look

Boots – Primark

Purse – H&M

Hat – Accesorize

Bracelets – Primark

Necklace – Vintage

Sun Glasses – Primark

Photos by Deea Sab.