Brugge outfit’s time to shine today! And so, you can discover that I dropped all the fanciness and glam for a pair of Converse and a taken-to-the-next-level layering outfit.

It was overdue. I really enjoyed Paris and wearing heels and getting dressed up! I literally want to do that everyday! And me coming back to Leuven, which is not the most heels-friendly city, made me appreciate that even more!

BUT, then…

Coming back wasn’t easy, because my little trip to Paris was a few days escape from responibilities and since I barely had any internet (and for once in my life, it wasn’t such a bad thing) it really disconnected me from everything, so guess which was the first thing I had to do when I came back? Catch-up with everything.

Not nice or pleasant, so after classes were done last week, my only craving was fo sleep! However, after a good sleep, girls convinced me that I should try something else too, and knowing the travel lover that I am, they tempted me with the trip to Brugge that I was talking to you about on Monday.

And so, I took it as a chance of being a kid again and just wander around the city in my trainers, taking pictures and having a great laugh. To be honest, I recommend that once in a while! We’re getting too carried away, we’re becoming to stressed, and before you know it, wrinkles are already well settled on our faces! So let the wrinkes be laugh ones that would remind you of happy moments, rather that worries and problems.

So here’s to enjoying life like a kid once in a while, with jumps and all included!

Smileeeeee, D.

P.S.More from Paris is coming this weekend, and next week!! Still so many stuff to tell you, can’t wait!
















I was wearing:

Dress – New Look

Shirt – Primark

Sweatshirt – University of Worcester

Jacket – Vintage

Scarf – No particular brand

Purse – H&M

Bracelet – Avon

Ring – H&M

Trainers – Converse


Pictures by Alexandra Gill.