So, the first part of my semester here in Belgium has come to an end and now it’s time for a long-waited vacation!

The end of it came with an International Week which was fun, we got to visit a new city – pictures coming soon – and we went Ice Skating, which I love and missed and bowling, so it was definitely more fun than the first Project Week, but even so, got me really tired by the end of it, so I was lunging for this weekend!

And so far it has been a really good one! It couldn’t have been any other way, since a really good friend came visiting, and expressing her chocolate crave all the time, so naming yesterday a “sweet” day is literally no exaggeration!

However, this is the start of 2 relaxing weeks  and so many assignments to start writing on  so I really hope they’ll be good to me and that I’ll get to enjoy them to the max!

As for today’s outfit, since I have seen some hope today, with a few sun rays trying to brake through, I decided to show you a remake of a wintery outfit that I really liked and that I wore in Worcester (here). And what better place for a summerish remake than Paris?

Exactly, none. So in one of the Paris Fashion Week days, I decided to wear this lovely combination of colours that I adore: burgundy and that blue! Pure love!

Of course, the hat and sunnies had to be a part of it too, but these were not the star accessories of this outfit! While I simply adore that H&M bag, I fell for that necklace and that bracelet! They’re so different, but they’re both special! I have been loving that kind of bracelet for so long (you know: here & here) and so I really wanted a golden one too! And the necklace has proved me several times, when I was rushing and chose to wear it, that it could transform my basic outfit into a really nice one!

All in all, I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday and celebrating – either Easter, or your name day (if you have a flower name, you’re celebrating it in Romania today, that’s why I know) or even if you’re not a fan of any tradition, you must be enjoying a lovely day anyway!

A good laugh and a box of chocolates would help, try that! D.


















I was wearing:

Jeans – New Look

Shirt – H&M

Jacket – Vintage

Hat – Primark

Shoes – New Yorker

Necklace – Primark

Bracelet – Accessorize

Photos by Deea Sab.