As you know, I am home now and I couldn’t be happier, because it’s been a few months ever since I have been home and I missed my family, my friends and my hometown…

Furthermore, I missed the food and trust me, the Easter holiday is a great moment to come to Romania if you’re craving some Romanian food, because we do plenty and oh, so tasty! So it’s a plus for me, apart from seeing my family, to take a break from student food and replace it with some cooked, made-by-mum food!

Even so, because I know that my time here is limited and I am going back to assignments, my mind is already flying to my next travel adventure and the next one, and the next one! That’s just it, I want to see as much as I can, and travel as many times as I can!

However, I am cherishing my time here at home and as yesterday was Easter in Romania and today is the second day of Easter, also considered a holiday, I am spending as much time with my family, because time flies and soon I’ll be missing them again! So, while I spend a family day, ahead of me planning my future travel adventure, I share with you a recent one, a day spent in Gent! People say that if you come to Belgium, Gent is a city not to be missed, so I had to explore!

And now I get why! It is a city full of history and looks amazing, with a lot of churches that keep the historic look alive, while the buildings give you that Belgium feeling that make you feel connected with the city and willing to come back again! Apart from that, what got my attention was a “Wish Wall” where people would simply go and post their wishes, setting them free into the Universe, to be heard and fulfilled! The people that tell you about this wall are filled with energy and dance around while bringing a smile on your face, and even surprising you like this:

Cute, right? Clearly made my day and got me smiling, even more because I was inspired enough to film him dancing and so I got this cute moment on camera – makes me smile every time I see it! So, guys, keep doing what you do and make people happy, you’re doing it right!

Here are the pictures for you to have a complete picture of the city! Have a lovely, inspired week! Can’t wait to share with you some outfit pictures shooted here, in my beloved Cluj, in the following days!

Much love, D.