Officially, spring is here!! I have waited so long for this moment that I am extremely excited for this!! I can hide away my coats that kept we warm during cold weather and enjoy some blazers before the warmth fully kicks in and it’s summer time!

And what better way to celebrate spring than a bouquet of yellow daffodils to brighten my day and give me the right state of mind for sunny days! That and spending the day with my best friend, as I did, chatting the day away while shooting these pictures! As a tip, she had no idea that I was going to come home for the holidays, which is why I kept my trip incognito, so that I can truly make it a surprise for her, and I did! She was, as me, delighted for our encounter and we went straight on to some catching up accompanied by a good laugh!

As for the outfit, I chose a pretty shirt-dress all denim which made a greta contrast with my daffodils, some black heels and purse and silver accessories!

The way flowers bloom and everything comes to life, and people start spending time on terraces and you can hear laughs all the time and see how nature embraces the warm days is really inspiring for me, and I already have so many ideas and so many outfits created in my head, that I cannot wait to wear them and shoot some pictures to share them with you! I started easy, with blue denim and black thigths, but I am looking forward to brights colours and prints, so stick around, I will be sharing a lot of them!

Fingers crossed for the weather to stay as beautiful and I hope you’ll only enjoy sunny days with your dear ones and have a great time these days!

Sun-touched hugs & kisses, D.













I was wearing:

Dress – Primark

Shoes – Primark

Purse – Primark

Watch – Fossil

Rings – H&M

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.