Getting lost on pretty little streets is my favourite thing to do when travelling…

I see it as a way of discovering the city beyond all those touristic points with big signs, that become clichés of those cities. Of course; they have their charm, and of course I am going to see them, but they are not my favourite part of traveling. You see, when I walk on these little streets, I discover more of the city, that the city itself allows us to see: I see tourists and I see locals, I see people that are living a normal day of their life and I see people that are there only for one day and are trying to make the most of it. And then I see nothing, then I just get lost in thoughts and keep walking. So I live my story while observing theirs and it’s amazing to see how we cross paths with people that we’ll never meet again (or who knows, maybe we will?) that are having a totally different day than yours.

This is what it’s special with these little streets, you can personalize them to be part of your thoughts, of your story and so you’ll remember them for that. That, and also the fact that you don’t know where they lead you, so what’s coming next in your story now? Maybe that’s why I like them so much, because they are similar to my life right now, spontaneous and unpredictable.

These streets are part of the Gothic Quarter (El Gòtic) in Barcelona, and even if they are in a central zone, there are so many and so little that it’s easy to find yourself alone on one of them, and then back on a really crowded one. As I said, you never know.

However, as we were walking, I loved how this mint coloured skirt contrasts with the scenery and since there was a bit of wind I mixed it with this pretty colourful scarf. I love huge scarfs, this one for example, works amazing as a pareo too, when on the beach, so it’s a multiple use item in my wardrobe.

What is your favourite part of a city when traveling? Let me know in the comments below, and also, if you’ve been to El Gòtic before, let me know if you fell for it as hard as I did!

Enjoy your afternoon, weekend’s almost here! D.



















I was wearing:

Skirt – Custom Made

Shirt – Primark

Scarf – Avon

Belt – Primark

Bracelet – Avon

Sandals – New Look

Photos by Deea Sab.