I said it and I will say it again. Unfortunately for me for these exams, my mind is already set on summer, so as I stay here, thinking of any possible method that would make me focus and keep studying, I thought on a little break I’ll let my mindset just be itself and brainstorm on summer instead.

So,while brainstorming, what it’ll always be on our mind is what to we need? No, not what we want, we’ll cover that next week. Needs before wants, like in the pyramid, remember? See, I’ve been studying…Therefore, there are a few important things that you absolutely need to have the perfect summer. Curious if your list clashes with mine? Yeah, me too, so let’s get going:

No. 1 – Sunscreen.

I know, no one wants it, everyone is bored of it or forgets to put it on, or doesn’t even want to buy it. But it’s not an option. I understand you want a tan, trust me, I want one too, but being red and having a dry skin won’t make the cut. And surely won’t give us the result we aim for. Moreover, protection doesn’t really have to do with how fast you tan or you don’t, in the end we all need it to keep skin diseases out of our lives. So yes, please count it in.


Woman Applying Sunscreen --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

No. 2 – Hat

Come on, this is a fun one! You get to go shopping and pick one (or more) and then you get to accessorize it with your stunning summer outfits. And it doesn’t really matter if you’re going to the sea, if you’re staying in town or not, while it’s summer and the sun is out, you can always use a hat. Oh, and it prevents you from insolation, which makes it an actual need.


No.3 – Sunglasses

Again, fun. But this can easy slip from a need to a want, as you may be wanting all the pairs of sun glasses that you see. Don’t say you were not warned. But again, what’s bad in being fashionable while protecting your eyes and making sure you don’t walk into someone because you can’t see, because the sun is to powerful. Whaat? It can happen.


No. 4 – Fan

Okay, you can live without one, but summer can get pretty though and if you are working outside or even laying on the beach, it gets really warm and you will want to freshen up a bit. That and I happen to have a crush on fans and owning quite a few. But still, they are really hepful when it comes to warm days, so be sure to see them around in a few posts this summer.


No. 5 – Camera

You would want to take a picture of that pretty sunrise on the beach or of the sunseton the hill, whatever the occasion, pictures look better in the summer, because there is natural light, because we’re happier, and so on. And because I know you would want to take some pictures to capture your summer moments, don’t forget your camera (or phone) at home.


However, here’a little advice to take with you too this summer…


BONUS No. – “This is my summer and I’m going to rock it” attitude.

At the end of the day, all you want to do is enjoy your summer, so keep a postive attitude, be spontaneous, laugh a lot, spend time with family and friends – make this summer perfect, make it YOUR summer!


Hope you enjoyed the article, loves! Also, pretty, pretty please share with me what I’m missing, I’m sure there are more things that I should be aware of to make the summer perfect, so let me know in the comments. Don’t forget, next week is the summer wishlist, and I have some great outfits ready to show you in the meantime, so stick around!

Rock this week, D.