People say it’s easier to have one photographer who comes along wherever you go and knows exactly how to shoot and what you want and there you go, you have your perfect shots in no time!

When I started blogging, I used to think that! But then again, when I started I already had 2 that were taking turns, but these 2 are partners in crimes and work together, so their style is similar.

However, I am always on the move, and not always surrounded by the same people, so of course, I knew that I would have to have more photographers, as I am traveling so much,

And I thought it’s hard, and that it’s going to take so long to find someone and blah blah blah. You know all that negative thing that comes to your mind before the positive thing. Well, let’s erase that.

I have worked with more than 10 photographers until now, and I can say that I love it! Wouldn’t it be easier to have one that’s always there and knows exactly what is it that you want out of the photoshoot? Yeah, well, I am not exactly the person to take the easy way.

And working with different people is great! It makes me know exactly what I want and gives the opportunity to direct the shoot or collaborate for ideas with the photographer and so makes me get to know myself better and what kind of shots I want. Then, there was no session where I would not have had a great laugh with the person/crew behind the camera. So I do get to explain what I want while having a great time, it’s a win-win situation!

Still, the most important and fascinating thing is that it makes things interesting, because everyone has a different vision and a different way of doing things, so of course the outcome would be different. And I love that! Because that way, my posts will not look the same and hopefully, they will keep the viewers interested through great pictures!

So, when I went to shoot these pictures and this casual outfit, I would not have imagines that I would gather such a big crew! But it was fun, and interesting and gives me even more lovely memories with these great people that I cannot wait to see again!

So, have a look through the pictures and then through the list of photographers, because they are quite a few!

Let me know if you enjoyed the look, because I loved mixing this strong orange with a bit of baby pink!

Oh, and another surprise, soon I will be releasing my last Erasmus-related post, with some interesting facts and to-do things in Leuven! See you there!

Much love, D.












I was wearing:

Dress – H&M

Blazer – New Look

Sandals – Deichmann

Bag – No particular brand

Bracelet – Avon

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Photos by Emma Hannon/ Rebecca McAlinden/ Louise McEntee/ Caitriona Williams.