Hello, lovelies!

Here it is!! After one month of absence, Destray is back and I am readier than ever to share with you new stories, new pictures, new posts!

I gave it thought after thought on how to start, what to say, how to say! Many things happened while the blog was on pause and I am so excited now that I just want to get it all out here!

But, let’s start with the beginning! Destray had a makeover and I am more than pleased with the outcome! I worked with a great team, that put my vision into practice and so my baby looks different now, ready for its new home – www.destray.com! That’s right, as you may have noticed, I decided to make it more global, so I switched from .uk to .com  – big step for what’s ahead!

To be honest, I did not realise how much I enjoy writing these posts until I wrote no more! Don’t get me wrong, I always loved to, but it was just when I stopped from writing them that I got to see how big part of my life they were! It is crazy how many times I wanted to post and how much I talked about it while it was closed – so dear friends, I am sorry for my endless rants about my blog, it’s back now, so I’ll just post my thoughts on here straightaway!

These pictures are from my holiday in my beautiful country, Romania! Taken at the seaside by my – who knew – really talented young brother! I had no clue he is so good with the camera, so when I realised, I was happy to share a few photo shoots with him (yes, there is more to come!). Being at the seaside was so relaxing, so inpiring, it was a break from everything, it was the time when I closed my phone for a few days and I just enjoyed life as it is, without enhancements, without technology, just simplicity. And what I thought best explains simplicity, fashion wise, is a long dress, as this H&M one, and a walk on the beach at sunset. Pure beauty! These are the moments that would charge you with so much good energy and with so much inspiration – they are priceless!

So, again, a BIG WELCOME to the blog! I am still in a transition period, myself, as well as the blog, so there will be novelties and changes still, as I am trying to find the best way to express my thoughts and connect to you, so that at the end of the day, we can all create a community here!

As an opening surprise, I will be posting every single day this week, starting today! From tomorrow, I will tell you my Untold stories, so for four days, we’ll be recreating the festival, through all my outfits, right here on the blog!

Have an amazing day, darlings! See you tomorrow!

Much, much love, D.













I was wearing:

Dress – H&M

Pictures by Dan Tamasan.