Hey loves,

I know I promoted the Black and White look yesterday, and I still love it, and I am still looking for inspiration, and yes, you can still help! Find out how and what I am on about right here.

But, let’s be honest, with all these Monochrome Mornings (you’ll get it if you read yesterday’s post, promise), I need a pop of colour though, don’t I? I don’t want to get all sad and moody, I want to be productive and creative, so best way to do that is by balancing colour and non-colour!

So today we’re all happy and summery in this pretty vintage dress! Yes, my “backup storage of cool things” (it basically means I have it from my mum, but head over here if you want to catch up on it) gave me yet another pretty dress to show you all! It’s impressive how much I love vintage style while I also love new trends and modern pieces. That’s how much our mood affects what we are wearing, so you wear what you feel, same with colours, it’s impressive, isn’t it?

So anyway, not so long ago, I hope, when I was a teenager, I would never go for a midi dress, I always thought it wouldn’t look good on me, and oh, boy, I was wrong! I love it! It’s a really nice length, really feminine, add some heels to it and it would be even classier! However, if, as me, you are up for a walk, just go with flats, and it will give you the perfect look!

Even though I can never decide on a favourite colour, red is definitely amongst my top ones, because it just expresses so much! It’s bold, it gives a sense of youth and vitality and it just makes you happy, so in a good mood – I’d surely go for red! And hey, even reminds you of a childhood story – Red Riding Hood – so it’s all good points for it!

Let me know what you think about the outfit and don’t forget to tag your #MonochromeMornings so that I can see your black & white photos! Have a lovely day and a smile as big as your heart!

Much love, D.


I was wearing:

Dress – Vintage

Flats – No particular brand

Bag – Avon

Sunglasses – Tatler

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.