Hey loves,

The weekend is here, wooo!! And I just enjoyed a beautiful lazy morning in bed with some good music and muffins. Just perfect! You know what they say – the time you enjoy wasting it’s not wasted time! But being the workaholic that I am it’s time to hit the road and be productive. Actually, I’ll start by writing this post…

If you know me, you know I am not really a sporty style person, I enjoy much more heels and classy outfits. However, as I really like trying new things I embraced the sneakers trend, and well…okay, okay, I love it!¬†Yes, my dear friends that could not persuade me into wearing this, now is the time to say “I told you!”, I will give you a minute.

Truth is, I only like some sneakers with jeans, so I had to find this pair of Nikes that I had at home to picture that it might actually go well with jeans and a loose shirt. But you have to admit that the sunnies also do their part. The whole outfit made me feel like a cool kid, yeah, it did. The sunglasses were actually a bargain that I found at a sunglasses boutique by the seaside, I’m telling you, Romania is really good for this kind of cheap and chic pieces!

Now that I am officially a “cool kid”, I am looking for another perfect pair of sneakers that would make me drop the heels and enjoy them on a weekend, so if you have your eyes on any – give me a shout! And also, let me know your thoughts, what do you think about me embracing this style, should I try it more often?

Until then, I shall embrace my Saturday to-do list, put on my sneakers and make this day a great day! I hope yours is awesome too, have a lovely weekend! x

Much love, D.


I was wearing:

Shirt – Vintage

Jeans – New Look

Sneakers – Nike

Necklace – New Look

Sunglasses – Local seaside boutique

Bag – Accessorize

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.