Hello darlings,

Life’s been getting in the way, and it turns out I’m not as young as I once was, so I get tired more often…Kidding! But actually, I was pretty busy these days, which is why I only got to wrap up this post today, instead of yesterday.

So sorry about that, and in order to make it worth it, I am showing you this outfit that I wore last weekend for a picnic by the river. It was really sunny (really unusual) so I took advantage and wore this look that brought a sailor image together with a 60s vibe given by this pretty skirt. I really loved it!

You know I am always looking for new combinations, and I wouldn’t think this one could turn up so good – surprise, surprise! The beautiful weather that gave this bright light had its role, so I really hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

On another note, I have been feeding my travel bug with long walks around Worcester. It’s been really hard with my travel cravings, I’ve been checking flights and new destinations almost everyday, but I have also been on a walk everyday, so it’s ok, it’s under treatment…for now.

The thing with walks in Worcester is that I always discover some new little paths or new ways of getting to a place, so it’s all about exploring, and that’s what keeps my travel bug under control, the fact that I keep seeing new things and new areas. And then, I missed the usual places, so it’s nice to go through them again. So in the end, all good. I get my walks and I keep my travel mania under observation!

Now I can only hope that this weekend will be as sunny as the last one and that some good times are on their way! Until then, let’s make this last working day a great one, so that we will have what to celebrate afterwards!

Much love, D.

P.S. Tomorrow’s post is still coming, so keep an eye on the blog!


I was wearing:

Top – New Look

Skirt – H&M

Flats – New Look

Bracelets – Primark

Bag – No particular brand

Pictures by Sara Marsalo.