Well hello there,

How is the weekend going?

I finally came to terms with September and we agreed that it’s fall now. So unless it decides to be all indecisive and really sunny and pretend it’s summer, we’re good. We’re back to sweaters and autumn colours (inspiration here).

So let’s start it off with this cozy and comfy sweater that got everyone talking! No, really, everyone loves it. And I would tell you where to get it from, but it’s actually the result of one of my mum’s old talents, she’s the one who knitted it a good while ago. So of course, as I do, when I found it, I thought it’s a keeper and couldn’t wait to wear it! You’ll see more of it around, for sure, because I’m obseeeessed with it! I am still looking for new sweaters to bring to the collection, but this one holds a special place.

It’s one of those things that reminds you that near or far, your family is besides you. And we all need that. So, like this, whenever I get a bit homesick, I got a trendy healer! Thanks, mum!

Again, it’s impressive how fashion keeps going back to old trends, and how something that faded a couple of decades ago comes back strong and makes a statement. I love that because I am a natural vintage lover. But somehow makes me think that it means less space for originality, which means we’ll always be finding inspiration in something that was already created. I think that’s alright until one point, when we start recreating the same thing, rather than reinventing that thing. That’s why I encourage everyone to keep your minds open and allow creativity to get in through every little and big thing you see or go through. Your recreation might be beautiful, that’s for sure! But your reinventing will leave a mark as something new and innovative! Think about it!

Keep enjoying your weekend, loves! I’ll see you on Monday with more and more inspiration!

Kisses, D.


I was wearing:

Sweater – Handmade

Skirt – Pimkie

Flats – New Look

Ring – Accessorize

Pictures by Sara Marsalo.