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Today’s inspiration post is about young talent and hard work! Is about a designer who worked her way through university, and her talent got recognized and therefore she got really well-known! And no wonder she did, as soon as I found out about her, I fell for a pair of shoes created by her!

So today I shall talk to you about a living proof that believing in yourself and your talent, combined with hard work does get you places!

The designer I am talking about is Sophia Webster and she is a shoe designer that just launched her last collection at London Fashion Week yesterday! However, Sophia managed to be one of the London Fashion Week designers after a lot of work and exposure that got her amazing creations recognized! She graduated from a BA degree and a MA degree specialized in footwear that put her in the spotlight and brought her numerous awards, such as the British Fashion Award for Emerging Accessories Designer or the New Gen Award for all her first three seasons she launched!


This beautiful piece above is still my favourite of her designs and has a pretty high place on my wish list! Even though it was launched for Autumn/Winter 2015, it is my number one! Buut, she launched a great collection yesterday as for Spring/Summer 2016 in a really interesting set and I am sure I can pick a few pieces to add on to my wish list from there too!

Actually, what I like about her designs is that they are unique, but still wearable! It’s not one of those extravagant shoes that you admire, but would never wear, and at the same time, they don’t look common. They just look perfect! And where do you put that the collection also has some cute bags to go with them? Ahhh

Have a look through the pictures and judge for yourself, but for me it’s inspiring because she is a proof that you can work hard and leave a mark, no matter if it’s a tiny one in an industry or a huge one to affect everyone!

Leave me your thoughts on this and your opinion about the designs in the comments, can’t wait to read them!

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Pictures from www.vogue.co.uk.