Hi darlings,

How has your week been so far?

I really, really wanted to post this yesterday, but my internet connection did not feel the same and refused to let me update the pictures, which is why I had to wait until today. On another note…

I have almost been kicked down by a cold, so please take care of yourselves out there! When I actually decided that it’s getting worse and worse and it’s time to slow down and take care of myself was the moment when I started feeling better. Coincidence? I think not. And by slowing down I finally got some “me” time. It’s been my first week with no afternoon meetings and I actually had enough time to read and watch some series and have early nights. All in one week,  I’m loving this!

However, somehow I always find a little something “that needs to be taken care of”. It has been clear, for a while now, that I am a workaholic, even I accepted it! But as I keep building this stairway to my goals, brick by brick, I realize that I enjoy every bit of this journey. And that is because I am driven.

I am driven to make it. I am driven by my passions. I shared a quote the other day saying “Without passion, life is nothing” and it could not be more true! I could be dead tired after 8 h of work and 2 meetings, if I was productive and achieved my set goals for the days, you can bet I will fall asleep happy that the day went well.

Because if you think about it, what you will remember are these daily achievements, these little milestones that you pass day by day, not how you felt tired at the end of the day. Of course, extremes are bad, so you don’t want to collapse, which is why I am not complaining for these few quiet evenings. But really, I believe that when you have it in you, you just cannot stay still! That drive is going to push you to step forward, to reach your limits, and you will be happy about it!

And that is wonderful, but remember to take care of yourself. I sometimes forget. But then I try to remind myself how blessed I am to be healthy and able to follow my passion, and how I would not want to ruin that just by being foolish and not listen to my body when it tells me it had enough.

So do follow your dreams – with all your heart – but do take care of yourself along the way, you’d thank yourself one day!

As I am writing so much about thriving now, I feel like doing a million things, but instead I will take it easy, let this cold go away for good and then speed it up again.

However, before I was put down by this cold, I took these pictures to emphasize once again how much I love over the knee boots! No need to overthink an outfit when wearing these boots. I kept it nice and simple with black and gray. And even the sun decided to show up for a bit, which made our job easier and the pictures better.

Hope you’ll enjoy them and that your week will continue to be fabulous! Don’t forget – give it 100, but always know when to slow down!

Loads and loads of hugs, D.


I was wearing:

Sweater – Vero Moda

Skirt – New Look

Boots – New Look

Bracelet – Avon

Ring – H&M

Hat – Primark

Pictures by Piece of Art.