Somehow, when I was looking through these pictures, this is the title that they inspired me with – Faded. For some reason. And I decided to go with it.

Maybe because I have faded away for a while and have not posted, I haven’t been as active on Social Media either (that means nothing though, I probably still posted a lot!). Ever since I started this blog I said I’ll always be genuine and post what I feel and I did not feel like posting, hence the lack of updates.

However, I have to emphasize that it’s not the passion that faded, but instead I felt like lacking motivation and inspiration, and since all my activities were a bit paused or slowed down for January, I thought a break might be a good thing.

I know, it might seem the exact opposite to how I started the year – full of motivation and ready for big things. Trust me, I still am! It’s just that I always trust my instinct and I go with it, and slowing down seemed the right thing to do.

I think every creative person has these times when they just need to take a few steps back instead of running forward, because they might actually feel more inspired afterwards. You know, just like pulling an arrow, the more it goes backwards, the speedier it gets!

How did I know that it’s time to come back? Yesterday I found myself saying “I miss posting a blog post” so again I went with the flow and wrote all this down.

I used to be very worried about having not so productive periods, but I realized that slowing down and enjoying life might actually make me more productive eventually. There’s no need to run reckless against the wind. You have to know when to run and when to slow down. I guess you learn that in time. And I guess I just learnt that.

Back to the passion for fashion, I really fell for this dress the moment I saw it! You know my recent obsession with turtle necks and so you can imagine that this fit perfectly. Because of the print, I decided to not accessorize it or anything, just add some black and keep it simple. And I think it worked, turned out to be a great outfit. Agree?

I hope all is going good and that you’re confident that it will be better! Remember, darling, go with the ups and downs, as they make you appreciate the ride more than a straight line journey would!

Love, D.


I was wearing:

Dress – Miss Selfridges

Ankle Boots/ Purse – H&M

Pictures by Piece of Art.