Hey darlings,

I hope you are well, that you have been treated/ you have treated yourself with lots of chocolate on Valentine’s Day and that you are ready for our beloved not-so-far-away-now spring!

I have had a pretty chaotic February so far, so I am hoping that March will be a bit more peaceful! I know, especially if you know me personally, you would say that this is not news, that my schedule is always chaotic and I am always busy! And I have come to terms with that, I actually agree! However, these past couple of weeks have been on a new level, which meant less sleep, almost no time spent at home and me still giving 100% to everything I was involved in! I have hosted events, attended events, moved to a new place – packed and unpacked my whole life, and I have to say that I really enjoyed a slow weekend to wrap all these up!

Still, ever since I accepted and embraced the fact that I am a workaholic and that’s how I live – on the run – I have also started to prioritize more! It doesn’t necessarily means less involvement in projects, but it means that I can step back and realize what is very important to me and what can wait. Because of this, I have had time to meet my friends through all the craziness and to stick to my gym routine at the same time. Because that’s what matters most to me right now! To not forget the patient people who are there for me all the time, even when I run around like crazy and to take care of myself and stay as healthy as possible (no, chocolate consumption doesn’t get discussed here, sorry).

With that being said, I hope you’re out there hustling hard but remembering that you have to take care of yourself in order to keep hustling and that you need to take a moment to appreciate all the people who support you through your journey!

I have wanted to share this outfit with you for a while now – hence all the previews on Instagram, but I haven’t found the right context for it! Finally, I feel like this outfit goes with today’s article, it’s quite a tough look, and to be fair, it’s not something that it’s really my style. Or well, at least it hasn’t been until now. I really liked this laid back look – so comfy, but so stylish. I absolutely fell in love with the jumper – it’s perfect for a champagne lover like me! I feel like this might become a new casual look for me!

You know, one always has to try new things – comfort zone is not the place to be when it comes to fashion! And monochrome is still in the books for me so being all black made me love this outfit even more!

That’s it – I’m not going to go on and on anymore, I’ll just let you enjoy the pictures and I cannot wait to share with you new ideas – hopefully as soon as possible!

Much love, D.


I was wearing:

Jacket/ Jeans/ Rings/ Shoes – H&M

Sweatshirt – Rad

Backpack – Zara

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.