Hello beautiful,

Oh how I longed to write a few lines around here again!

It’s crazy how unexpected life is and how you constantly have so many things to do and in the end you end up postponing forever the things you actually enjoy doing most.

Lately a few of you have been asking me what’s going on with the blog, if I’m not planning on posting anymore or why is it that I have been so absent. And that is because, as I’m sure some of you have noticed, ever since I started my placement and working full time it has been harder to post as much as I want and to organise photoshoots since a lot of my time was already booked.

There were good times when I posted quite a lot and not so good times when I didn’t post at all for weeks. Trust me, there wasn’t a day when the blog was not on my mind, or when I wasn’t thinking about new outfits that I could post and new creative things that I could share.

But I don’t like sharing with you things that I am not 100% true about or pictures that I don’t believe are of enough quality to show you. In other words, I like to be completely involved. Half involvement will not do. And who knows me knows that this is how I am with everything I do. So, ultimately, that is what happened. I was physically and at some point, mentally too, unable to give my 100% to everything. But show always must go on, and since this is the only project that I manage solely, this was the one that had to suffer most, because my job, my friends, my society roles needed my 100% so there was little to none time left for me to be as active as I would have wanted to be on the blog.

However, as spring rolled in and some projects have slowed down or ended, I felt like I could manage my time better and that I could start actively posting again. And with that, to gradually start taking more and better care of myself and listen to my dreams and wishes and make sure that I make my soul happy more often.

And as you know how much I love travelling, I started with that. A few weeks ago I went on a short trip to beautiful Cardiff. Being my first time in Wales, I must say I left with a very good impression of it and with the desire to go back and see some more of it.

As spring is not really sure if it’s here to stay, I felt like I wanted to be all wrapped up and cozy while strolling through Cardiff. So here it is, my outfit choice for a travel day.

Next step was to start shooting again and I shared some sneak peaks of what we’ve been up to on Instagram and I am super excited to show you the full results.

Now I am headed to another weekend of travelling. I will be in London tomorrow for the Annual Awards Ceremony held by Bright Futures, where our society that we worked so hard for got nominated so fingers crossed! And then I am taking a little break and I’m headed to Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon for the weekend to be a tourist once again!

I am excited for all that is coming, feeling blessed for being able to experiment so many things and see so many places and really thankful for your patience and support, you are amazing!

Have a fabulous end of the week and I will speak to you next week! x

Much love, D.


I was wearing:

Cape – BonPrix

Jeans – H&M

Ankle Boots – New Look

Bag – Primark

Scarf – No particular brand

Pictures by Emilia Helva.