Aaaand it’s Monday again!

This week I am continuing my summer picks with the best bottoms to be worn this summer.

You know, one and probably one of the main reasons why I am so into fashion is because I don’t really like routine – so I don’t like looking the same, or if inspired enough not even similar 2 days in a row.

And I always thought the bottom part of your outfit plays a key role in that. Because you can wear the same pair of jeans and different tops and chances are you’re looking quite the same everyday. But if you wear jeans, then a skirt, then a jumpsuit and so on, your outfits would really look different.

So today I am giving you 10 ideas to spice up your outfits and make them look really summerish. Hope you get inspired, enjoy!

  1. Long skirt

In my eyes, long skirts have always said it out loud and clear – beach walk. There is such a nice feeling to walk by the sea and have the wind blow your skirt and feel the sea breeze. Okay, day dreaming about a holiday now, I shall stop.


2. Short skirt

But of course, then you need an urban outfit too – shopping session or drinks with your ladies? This.


3. Cullotes

Okay, with these I went from hate to love. It took me a while, my mum actually tried to make me like them a whileeee ago, but I wouldn’t have any of it. And now, yes mum, you were right, I love them, can I have them back please?



4. Large trousers

These look so classy, and so summerish – garden party, cocktail evening? Paired with some pumps will make THE outfit.


5. Shorts

You know those unbearable days in the summer when it becomes unbreathable and you literally don’t want any clothes on? Well that’s when they save you if you are leaving the house eventually.


6. Pencil skirt

Summer is the season when your black pencil skirt gets put away and your flowery one comes to life to make your outfit look summerish and really girly. Yes, guilty.


7. White jeans

When summer comes you want to give up on your jeans, because you have been wearing them a lot, but then not really. Solution? Switch on to a light colour or even white. You’ll still want to wear them and they’ll make a great casual outfit!


8. Jumpsuit

To be honest, I always thought they are not my thing, I didn’t think they fit my figure, that they are versatile, etc. Daaamn, I was wrong! I currently have a crush on them to a point where I have styled mine differently to go from day to night (coming, coming soon!!). So yes, I’d say you buy one.


9. Midi skirt

Whenever you feel that retro vibe and you want to have an original outfit, but still keep it casual, or the opposite – to go full on with high heels and 60s make-up – either way this is a great choice. So feminine and so summerish, love it.


10. Baggy jeans

Yeah, you’re right, there are some days when you don’t want to leave the house or when it’s so rainy that you don’t really feel like a girly outfit would do. Baggy jeans, sister. Always do the trick.



What do you think about my choices? Any favourites? Any summer must that I missed? Let me know!

Kisses, D.

Pictures from Pinterest.