Hello, hello!

Yes, I decided to blog even while on holiday – I know I said I probably won’t, but here I am!

I think by now my friends have realised that you cannot keep me away from what I invest my time in, nope, not even on holiday. And trust me, they’ve tried. And I felt bad for it for a while, I promise all I want to do when I’m with them is give them my time, but at the same time I am very invested in all the things I do, so I will do them all with passion or not at all. So I will be checking spreadsheets, updating pages and creating strategies, especially write blog posts because that’s when I am most creative – when I’m on holiday and spend my time well! So yes, my friends, you inspire me to create more, to do more, to be a better me, and if that means no breaks during holidays, I’m sorry, but that’s how it will be. You know you love me hehe!

As I started my holiday in Bucharest with my bestie, we attended Rihanna, Steve Aoki and Sia’s concerts. We had fun, we danced, we sang and (what we probably enjoyed most after all) we slept a loooot. Finally, I started getting some rest. So in between sleeping sessions and concerts we visited this beautiful place called Palatul MogoÈ™oaia (The MogoÈ™oaia Palace) and its surroundings. It was enchanting. It felt like a fairytale. Very, very beautiful. I was so charmed and stolen away by the surroundings that (now I realise) I didn’t even take pictures of the actual palace! To be fair, we wanted to go back a second time, but we didn’t manage, however I promise I’ll go back as I really, really liked it and I’d love to show you more!

For now, enjoy some pictures of the surrounding park and my chosen outfit which was a super comfy summery jumpsuit. I love enjoying some heat – I’ve been waiting all summer for this!

Now time for some chillin’ at home then next stop is my dearest – the sea! Hope you’re still enjoying the summer as much as I am! Speak to you soon x

Kisses. D.


I was wearing:

Jumpsuit – River Island

Sandals – H&M

Pictures by Deea Sab.