Hi lovelies,


How are you? Still enjoying the Christmas leftovers and the “I’m on holiday” excuse to procrastinate? Because I sure am!

But, as I promised you, I am determined to help you dress up for NYE so here I am with my second outfit option. This time I chose to combine some pieces and fabrics that I usually don’t. However, giving that I am away and I have to work with what I considered I might find useful and put in my suitcase, I have spontaneously decided to try these 2 on together and see how they look. Surprisingly, I liked it. Moral of the story – try that top with the skirt you really love, and you might end up loving the result.

So, suede, satin and lace came together, in a combination of close colours – brick like and made up a great outfit. Anamelia Fashion provided the final touch – this rather unique choker made with feathers and so the look became a bit more special. Like the special night we’re all looking forward to – New Year’s Eve!

An outfit that doesn’t make it look like you struggled too much, but that still, you know what you’re doing. I’ll let you decide what heels to add to it as mine didn’t get into the pictures, any ideas?

Any ideas about your NYE look? Did you like this one?

One more tomorrow and then I’ll let you decide!

Hugs, D.


I was wearing:

Skirt – River Island

Top – H&M

Choker – Anamelia Fashion

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.