Happy New Year!

I am back to work and hustle, so I thought I’d find a minute to catch up with you here and write my first post from 2017. A new year – sounds like a big deal. Is it?

Well I don’t neccessarily see it as a “New year, new me” thing, but I like seeing it as a new beginning, a chance for me to write new goals down and actually it’s a time of the year when I feel very motivated.

December is usually a month when I am not that motivated as it’s a month when I review my year – the good, the bad, and usually I tend to be very self critical. The good part is, all this month, which can turn into a down time at that moment, becomes the foundation of me being bery motivated to better myself in the next year.

2016 has changed me a lot – I have been through good things, bad things, I lived amazing experiences, I have got closer to some people, I have seen people distance themselves from me. A rollercoaster of emotions. I cried, a lot. Still, a lot less than in previous years. I started to see my fine lines coming up on my face from how much I laugh. And I couldn’t be less bothered. It means I am happy. It means everything I do makes me happy, it means my friends fill my life with great memories, it means my family is proud, it means I am ultimately proud of myself.

So now I turn the page, take the good with me, learn from the bad and I am ready to start making new memories. I like new beginnings for they allow me to start fresh, I can think about new goals, new dreams, new places to travel, ahhh there is so much I could write down!

I know some people say you should better yourself continuously and not at the beginning of each year, and trust me, I do, I do work a lot on myself, on my goals, but I like to do a balance every once in a while, and possibly because I have more spare time,as I am usually on a holiday, I do it at the end of the year and then take my lessons with me in the new one.

This year, my resolutions have changed a bit, I think that I am more mature and I see things differently. Which is great! I cannot wait to see where this year takes me. But wherever it does, I hope it keeps me a good person, I hope it keeps me soft and it doesn’t toughen me too much, I hope it gives me happiness and health, I hope it gives me a lot of moments with my family and friends and I hope it will push me to my limits and make me achieve my goals.

I wish you all the same and I hope you find the courage to achieve all your dreams this year and not let fear, insecurities, other people, or whatever obstacles you’ve had stop you from being and doing your best!

Cheers to having an amazing year!

Warm hugs, D.

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