Hello beautiful,

Yep, still in the library and yep, still revising. Buuut, this is my last day this semester, so I am just taking a little break to talk to you and then I’m back at revising for my exam!

Just like I did when I took these pictures. I was still at home, hence the snow, and I was writing an assignment, and during the break I thought I’d snap a few outfit pictures. This outfit probably sums up all my outfits this week, it is like the perfect outfit to study, really. Comfy, still lively, you don’t put a lot of effort into it, but it is stylish. There you go, feel free to rush to get into the library – you’ll still have a nice look!

Also, I had a crush on this sweater ever since it came out, and I saw it being sold out online, in UK stores and then I finally found it in Romania, which made it hard to let go. I attempted to live in it, despite of my strong belief of not wearing the same thing twice days in a row. It was hard. Very hard.

So, there you go, my studying outfit, minimal make up, the usual smile and the confidence that we’ll be fine through it all (this had a tendency of fading throughout last week, but I managed to get it back!).

Now, I will go back to studying, cross my fingers for tomorrow’s exam – last one from my undergraduate degree – bittersweet!

Good luck with everything, fellow students, we got this!

I will be back when on holiday already at the end of this week!

Love, D.



I was wearing:

Jumper/Jeans/Boots – H&M

Shirt – Levi’s Vintage

Pictures by Deea Sab.