Hello darling,

It’s almost the end of January. What? 2016 flew by so I was hoping 2017 will slow down but by the looks of it, no chance. Well, all we can do is roll with it. Or froze time. Can we?

I have frozen my life for a bit. Thursday evening I finished work, ran to the trainstation and bam, gone. Exams, assignments, work, all the stress that came with it, that mental breakdown that was chasing me, left everything behind and went to my best relief – my best friends. We’ve had another lovely reunion, they heard me rant (sorry) and we laughed as much as we usually do when we meet up (hint – a lot). This time we spiced it up and went to a concert, Rae Sremmurd, babyyyy, it was lit. Literally. Loved it!

So I had my well deserved and so much awaited break. Now I’m back in Worcester and ready for a week full of work, but also, a lot of creative ideas. I figured until I’m back to classes I might as well feed my ideas and do some creative stuff as well. So stay tuned.

And these pictures were the perfect ones to represent this article – when we took these pictures in the middle of Cluj, back when I was on holiday, everything was frozen around us, it’s like the time has stopped, the view was just magical. And this red coat just stood out perfectly! Yes, you’ve guessed right, it’s my mum’s. Sometimes I feel trhat she’s the one that should be writing the blog, since she’s the real OG, helping my very-lightly-packed wardrobe come to life while I was at home. Love you & miss you, mum!

So before I get sentimental, I should stop here and let you enjoy these pictures. I’m off to work!

Kisses, D.


I was wearing:

Coat – Vintage

Top – New Look

Jeans – H&M

Boots – No particular brand

Pictures by Deea Sab.