Hello darlings,

It’s been a while and so, so many things have happened!

That many that it will take me more than one post to tell you everything without you getting bored or lost in all my tales!

So I’ll start with the most impactful and recent one – my work at Cannes Film Festival. Even if the festival ended only two weeks ago, I already struggle to remember everything in detail because of how dynamic everything was.

The festival took place between the 17th and the 28th May this year and it was my first year attending it. I flew over with a team of PR professionals in my first graduate adult adventure as a PR & Marketing person. I wrote articles, liaised with press, was part of the organising team of a Celebrity Suite, met lots and lots of people and tasted the craziness of what goes behind a huge event like this.

Everyone sees the festival as a glamorous experience and now looking at my pictures, I realise why, but truth is, as an insider, as someone that works behind the scenes, I can tell you it is not all pink and bubbly, but rather rushed, last minute, spontaneous and exhausting. Not that glamorous, huh? But at the end of the day, the reason why it’s so exhausting is that there is so much to do during the day and so many events to attend during the night, that there is little to no time left for sleeping or eating!

Truth is, they were some 2 weeks hard to keep up with, but I have learnt so many dos and don’ts and so, so many lessons, that it felt like a test of knowledge right after the end of university. The kind of test that keeps teaching you new theories and makes you put them to pratice right away. And what’s better than going through these lessons with your bestie right beside you? If anything, it made us stronger and more focused towards our careers.

On another note, I have always been fond of the French Riviera and to be able to live in Cannes for 2 weeks was beautiful – crowded boulevards, but perfect weather! And I saw some interesting movies, learned more about this industry and met some wonderful people.

At the end of the day, when I am looking back, Cannes Film Festival was something like I never experienced before, and even if I plan on returning in the following years, something tells me that each one of them will be unique and unbeatable in their own way.

Since I didn’t have much time for proper photoshoots, I snapped some pictures with my phone in between running and completing ‘to do’ lists, and edited them as black and white polaroids as they are now framed memories, each with their own story that comes to life the second I glance at them.

One update down, so many more to go! Enjoy the snaps, comment your thoughts and I’ll make sure to be right back asap!

Love, D.


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