Hello hello,

How is it already winter and how are we only 6 weeks away from Christmas? It’s beyond me. And I know you’ve heard this a gazillion times and it’s a world-known cliché, but time flies, man! Like seriously, this year is almost over? Unbelievable! The amount of things that changed this year is huge, but let’s not get to the reflective post on the year just yet, it’s still November, right?

Talking about time flying, my last post was on London Fashion Week and I was away with business. Ever since, I travelled a bit more around, but with less work in mind. For starters, I returned to my homie Worcester for a couple of days to throw the mortarboard and graduate. It was such a perfect day, I felt very proud and grateful to be surrounded by my family and friends for my celebrations. Right after (and I mean right after – I didn’t bother to include sleep in my schedule) I went to Paris for a study trip at the Institut Français de la Mode to get some insight on the luxury fashion market, eat from as many boulangeries as possible, cheer glasses of French wines and indulge myself with pretty macarons.

And as I usually get inspired from the places I travel, Paris is no exception, it has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes all French people look effortlessly chic – no overflow of accessories, no layering, no overdoing it. I love that. I feel like my style is constantly changing and I’m very keen on trying out different pieces and see what works for me and what doesn’t. What I found so far is that, unlike the typical chic French, that has a defined minimalistic style, mine varies. I can be minimalistic today, full of layers tomorrow and then wear an oversized bomber jacket that covers 80% of my outfit. And I like that – keeps me versatile – and proves my indecisiveness, but hey, we all gotta work on something, right?

So today’s outfit portraits the calm of my quiet, non-travelling phase through its simplicity and peaceful vibe. It also marks my launch for a quest in finding more independent designers that I like. Both clothing pieces belong to independent houses, English and Romanian, and if I know something about my ever changing style, that is that I love finding pieces that don’t belong to the fast-fashion, high street trend and mix them in. So, if you know any brands that I might enjoy wearing, pretty please send them my way!

Next up, I’ll show you an outfit that I wore in Paris, until then, see you on my social channels, and please don’t forget to tag me/comment any independent brands you know – I’m looking forward to discovering new ones!

Love, D.


I was wearing:

Trousers – Ramona Manghiuc designer

Top – Perseverance London

Shoes/Clutch – New Look

Pictures by Clara Flybring.