Hey you,

How’s 2018 so far? Did you get back into your rhytm after holidays, lots of food, sleep, parties and family time? Don’t worry, it takes a bit, take your time, you’ll get there.

That’s what I’m telling myself as well, I had a slow start to the year, but it allowed me to really think things through and figure out what I want to focus on this year. It also allowed me to spend more time with my family, my close friends who recharged me and gave me plenty of energy to last me a while, hopefully until I see them again.

I did less work that I had set myself to do because I thought spending time with them and all this recharging is more beneficial and it will also allow me, when I get back to things, to start again strong and go full speed ahead!

So now that slow motion start is going on fast forward and I’m ready to get back to business and go make 2018 my year. I’m currently at the airport, ready to board, and I must say, this is my favourite place to write articles. I’m in ‘no man’s land’ with a destination ahead and hopes and dreams that need some work done for them to come true. Also, this is the airport where I’ve had the saddest departures and happiest arrivals, so it kinda became my place where I think about my life, make plans, set goals.

Hope you’re ready to work your way through this year and make it your best yet! Don’t forget to also enjoy the journey, take pics and every once in a while, take a few seconds to appreciate where you’re at, who you’ve become and who’s by your side at that moment.

These are my words to you at the beginning of another year together and I hope I’ll make you stick around for many more to see all the creative things on my mind come to life!

For now, I have a flight to catch so speak to you soon, from my homie island, England!

From Cluj with love, D.







I was wearing:

Cape/ Boots – Bonprix

Jeans – H&M

Top – In Extenso

Purse – Vintage

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.