Hello dear,

How’s life treating you? How are you treating life? Through this windmill of rushed events and emotions that we call life, have you stopped to think about your dreams lately? Have you done a little step towards them? Have you checked how your resolutions are going?

I am asking you all these things because a few weeks ago I suddenly stopped and asked myself the same. And I was disappointed to find out that I have put some dreams on hold, that I have slowly stepped away from my self care routine and that I have left procrastination get the best of me. And after I realised that, I took a break and went home to relax. You must be laughing at me right now, but hear me out.

I went home and I was filled with love, peace and a reassurance that it will all be fine. And while my batteries were being recharged, I started looking at my life and at how I can include some small steps towards my dreams in my schedule. And so when I came back, I was refreshed, I started planning out my weeks in advance so there’s no risk for (too much) procrastination. And most importantly, I started dreaming again. My creative self was given a boost of energy and now I am back at working on myself and on my dreams.

Why am I telling you this? Because more often than not we found ourselves drained by the daily life, we feel like we don’t have the time or the energy to do anything else anymore and so we start giving up on things and eventually on us. We start questioning our purpose, our goals, if they are indeed achievable, and in order to not deal with these questions anymore, we procrastinate with them still at the back of our mind. So what I am telling you is, have the courage to answer those questions, even if their answers are ‘you haven’t worked hard enough’ or ‘you haven’t prioritised this lately’ because it is normal to get caught up, but the sooner you realise that, the sooner you can reboot your system and get back to working on your dreams. I personally believe in planning in advance because it allows me to not forget things and that means I can block out time for my own plans and then treat it just like a normal appointment.

Truth is, you will only achieve your goals through work and as much as sometimes the work makes it seem impossible and you’d wish there was a shortcut, when you look back, at any point in your life, you can see how far you’ve come and how chasing your dreams has shaped you as a person and made you unique. And that is the best thing about you, there is no one else out there that is you and has your dreams! As much as society makes it all a competition and encourages comparison, you have no competition because no one is on the same path as you are. There is nothing stopping you but yourself, so once you spread your wings and let all those doubts go, you’ll be right back on track to being the success you are meant to be.

So here’s your little mid-week pep talk and as it is also a note to myself, now it’s time we put on our professional outfits with a note of childish aka the ponytail (see it all below) and so we head out there and give it our all, because it’s always better to live your life pursuing what your heart wants than to wonder how that would feel.

Lots of hugs, D.


Diana Iusco

I was wearing:

Blazer – Charity Shop purchase

Skirt – Vintage

Top – New Look

Bag – Furla

Pictures by Mihaela Nedeva.