Hello, my darlings!


I’ve missed this, I’ve missed you! It’s been a summer with lots of ups and downs, more downs than I thought so I never got in the right mindset to come back here and write a new blog post.


But I’m back and really planning to not dissappear again any time soon!


I’ve shared a bit on my insta stories but not as much as I preferred to live offline for a bit more this summer. You know me, relentless, tireless and forever busy. By now, probably how most people describe me. So when I reached a point where stress was taking over most of my life and I wasn’t going to take a proper break, willingly, my health kicked me down, literally, so much so that I was forced to take that break. Turns out my body’s been aching for a while and I ignored it and so my organism became weaker and weaker to a point where I had to completely change my lifestyle and start taking medication to help with the shift. But with my immune system being down that caused a chain of infections and as a result, a month later I’m still not close to the end of the treatments.


Why am I telling you all this? Because I know I am not the only one that goes hardcore for what she wants or what she needs to do, trying to make not one, not two things, but everythingggg perfect all at once. Sounds familiar? Or know someone like that? Then please read this or share it, because it’s coming from a point of understanding, from someone that gets it, that at the back of her mind, still wants to achieve just as much, but that knows now that if she doesn’t take care of herself, she will never get to enjoy to rip what she saw.


On top of that, with my body giving up, my mental health took a punch, not understanding or knowing how to slow down accordingly, but it’s a learning process, and I am starting to understand it more and more. As much as I want to do everything perfect, I am not perfect and never will be and in the rush of the moment it’s easy to oversee myself, mind & body, and keep pushing towards my goals.


So I am not here to teach you a lesson or to tell you what to do (you’ll learn that your way, I’m sure ie. me) but to make you think about yourself a bit. When was the last time you enjoyed a late morning, a magazine read, a good movie, a laughter session with your friends, a moment offline where you just admire your company or the view without feeling guilty for wasting time? If you have to think a lot about it, it means that you are neglecting yourself and by trying to reach a happiness level you dream of, you are living unhappy. And trust me, if you haven’t figure it out yet, it’s not worth it.


So I did a reboot, reset my system if you wish, and did all of the above and learnt how to not feel guilty about them. One of these great moments I captured on camera for you while I was out having a laughter session with my soul sister and thought what pictures could be best to accompany this post? And honestly, this is how I wanted my whole summer to be, but now I am just happy that I got even just a few days like that. They made all the difference in the world.


So don’t forget to sometimes unwind, leave it all and take care of yourself. You only have one body and one mind and if you lose that, all your fights would have been for nothing.


Stay strong, my darling. You’ll get where you want to be, just make sure you enjoy the journey.


Talk to you soon! x


Love, D.




I was wearing:
Skirt & Bag- Vintage
Sandals & bodysuit – New Look
Sunglasses – Dopium
Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.