Hello my dear,

It’s September, the only time of the year apart from New Year’s Eve when people see it as a new beginning, school either ends or starts or there is a new job, a new place, a new opportunity that is being taken and a new chapter that opens.

But with all that comes the doubting for the right decision, the doubting in your own powers, in your capabilities and in your chances.

Not today. So to to that I have only one thing to say: you have to go with your gut feeling.

I’m in a period of my life where I cannot doubt myself or overthink (mainly because my dissertation deadline is way too close for that but also) because this is it. University is over, trial is over, it’s time to step into the real world, take my inner child with me and find my way as an adult while going confidently in my direction and building a life that I love and that I will be able to say I am proud of. It’s that time when we all ask ourselves if we’ll make it, if it’s all worth it, and we start second guessing our gut feeling which got us here in the first place. But to solve this, I know I only have to say one thing: YES, I do trust my gut feeling.

Yes, there will be a lot of trial and error, yes, sometimes I will need people to see the best in me while I won’t, and yes, sometimes I will change paths unexpectedly and start over, but if I doubt all this, if I doubt it all now, I may never know what it will all be like because it means I’m not even allowing myself to find out. So right now, that fear of the unknown and doubt of success needs to be smaller than the excitement for a new adventure, the sparkle of new places, the laughter of meeting new people and the falling in love with a new chapter of life, because, my darling, this is what you wanted, this is what you worked for and ultimately, what you achieved. So don’t tremble, don’t look back, look ahead with hope and smiles and go show them all that you are made of, but most of all, show yourself that you were right to bet on you and that your gut feeling has never failed you.

So dress up (here’s a little inspiration below) and most importantly show up because, my dear, the best is yet to come!

Hugs, D.




I was wearing:

Trousers/Shoes/Scarf – New Look

Bag – Primark

Shirt – Vintage

Pictures by Deea Sab.